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At Least Say, "Thank You!"


"As with my first project, birthing this book has been an arduous process, yet even now I am praising the Lord for how He is allowing it to impact lives." 


At Least Say, "Thank You!" , Rhovond's second devotional book, will bless every person who reads it. It's small, but packed with powerful devotionals that will motivate you to appreciate every aspect of your life. God is allowing this book to take the reading community by storm. At Least Say, "Thank You!"  was number 1 on Amazon's Kindle Best Seller List in the Family & Inspirational Spirituality category and has appeared on  Amazon's Hot New Releases List  several times. Our Master is using Rhovonda's books to impact, bless and encourage the people of God. 


At Least Say, "Thank You!" is available in eBook and Paperback. Dowload the Kindle format of Rhovonda's 2nd book from your favorite online bookstore. Take the 8-Day thankful challenge and be encourage to walk in freedom having a grateful heart.


Synopsis:  Imagine how many times throughout our day we forget to tell our Heavenly Father, "Thank You." Yes, we may say thank you for something obviously noticeable, such as a brand new car, a new job, the healing of a loved one. But how often do we acknowledge or notice those so-called "small blessings"? Rhovonda encourages you to live out each day with a spirit of rejoicing and gratitude. As you read through each devotional, your heart, mind, and spirit will begin to settle on this one fact: there is always something to be grateful for.   


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