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Host an Author Reading

Invite Rhovonda & Karter to come to your school to read to your students! 

Rhovonda L. Brown, award-winning author of bestsellers, Adventures of Karter Series, will bring her grandson, Karter, to come to your school and read one of her children's books inspired by her adorable grandson, Karter.


KarterSquad Learning Adventure Curriculum™ Program

Invite Rhovonda L. Brown to come teach

KarterSquad Learning Adventure Curriculum ™ Program to your students! 

KarterSquad Learning Adventure Curriculum ™ Program creates an age-appropriate curriculum centered around Rhovonda L. Brown’s children’s series, Adventures of Karter.  The Adventures of Karter series, inspired by Rhovonda's grandson, Karter, are Amazon bestsellers children's books that offer opportunities for kid-friendly conversations about feelings and emotions. The curriculum teaches the importance of family, relationships, and social and emotional development.

KarterSquad Learning Adventure Curriculum ™ Program includes:

  • an interactive read-aloud of one of the Adventures of Karter series books,

  • a hands-on activity to engage students with real-world learning and scenarios that open a dialogue for discussing our feelings and emotions,

  • arts and crafts to enhance memory and visual learning, develop problem-solving skills, boosts confidence, and foster creativity,

  • music for movement,

  • and a book giveaway to one student.


We were delighted to read Adventures of Karter children's book and teach Mading's 1st and 2nd graders about the importance of talking about our feelings.

"The Mading Family would like to Thank Author, Rhovanda Brown and grandson, Karter for coming to Mading ES and sharing their story with our 1st and 2nd graders. The scholars really enjoyed themselves. Mom was icing on the cake when she walked through the door. Thank you all again!"

Tabitha Dudley, Principal

"I would like to thank Mrs. Brown for sharing her love for children and her book to our 1st graders at Mading Elementary School. Mrs. Brown you did an awesome job in Storytelling and Student Engagement. I think you should look out because Little Carter may take your place. He was super excited and very knowledgeable of the text… in his [your] book. ❤️ Great job!"

Georgelyn Hemphill, Teacher

"Our students were very enlightened by the story. Very powerful to actually see the main character in real life. I absolutely love hugs too!!!!!"

Kisa Matthews, Reading Intervention

"Love the book! Mrs Brown did a great job reading and keeping the students engaged. Thanks again for providing this unique opportunity for our students! 🙂Thank you Carter for allowing our students to meet you and share this awesome moment with you."

Rosa Codina, Staff

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