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Live Life to the Fullest!

Hi. I'm Rhovonda and I am passionate about helping women live life to the fullest! I empower them to see themselves the way God sees them. I equip them with Bible-based tools and strategies to reach their full potential, ignite their passion, and walk in freedom living in their purpose.

Here's a little bit about me. My childhood had many challenges. I was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused. From rejection to neglect, hardships to heartaches, abuse, drugs, and death, I was exposed to them all as a little girl.  As I got older, my promiscuous and drunkard lifestyle covered up my hidden baggage. Inside I had low self-esteem, insecurities, fear, rage, despair, loneliness, pain, an unwillingness to forgive, and a loathsomeness toward myself.

I was lost and dying within, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Yet I didn't know it. At the time, I thought I was good and moving forward, but I was just marking time. I was my worse enemy. It wasn't until I was honest with myself AND God. After being married for about nine years, a mother of two small children, I thirst for more, and I desired to know my purpose. The search began.

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New Opportunities To Grow

Here's the most beautiful part of my story! By God's grace, Christ found me and freed me. Jesus' blood reached down into that horrible pit I was trapped and drowning in, and rescued me! Christ redeemed and washed me. He transformed my mind and life into someone new. I am a new creation! And every day is a journey. I have not perfected this freedom walk. Every day brings new opportunities for me to grow. As I said before, walking in freedom is a journey.


I Stand Free!

My Heavenly Father showed me my worth through His Son and His PERFECT love. He showed me my identity, purpose, and position in Him. My Creator and King adopted me (of all people) into His glorious family. And now, I stand free! I am a woman of purpose, a mighty woman of God, ignited with a passion for loving and serving my Heavenly Father and His beautiful daughters.

It gives me great joy and honor to help women move from mental torment to a winning attitude and a fresh start. And it starts in our minds!

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Let Me Help You

Are you holding on to some baggage? Have past hurts and fears been your companion? Are you hiding in shame and insecurities? Are you living in your purpose? Do you need help moving forward with confidence?

Let me help you on your journey. Allow me to come alongside you, and create an individualized plan to support and help you live the life you were created to live. A life that's purposeful and free. I want to inspire, equip and empower you to break free from your past and live your best life.

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Ignite Your Passion: FREE 3-Day Live Mini-Course

It's time for you to be all God has created you to be and so much more!

Struggling to find your passion? Not sure about your purpose in life? Rhovonda loves encouraging and inspiring women to see themselves the way God sees them. Come walk with Rhovonda on a freedom journey that will ignite and intensify your passion for Christ and deepen your relationship with Him. Are you ready to ignite your passion and embrace your freedom? Join me on a freedom journey! Rhovonda is honored to help you find your passion for Christ. She will help you embrace the freedom our Savior, Jesus Christ, has already given you. It's time for you to be all God has created you to be and so much more! 

In this FREE 3-Day Live Mini-course, you will:

  • Discover your passion and ways to ignite it.

  • Discover what you can do to live in your purpose.

  • Discover what you MUST do to live a free life.

Live FREE, FULL, and ON-PURPOSE Coaching Program

Is the weight of your past hindering you from moving forward? Need encouragement, confidence, and clarity to move forward? Ready to live FREE, FULL, and ON PURPOSE?

Rhovonda's mission is to encourage, equip, and empower women with the confidence to live an exciting life FREE, FULL, and on PURPOSE!  Rhovonda wants to directly impact your success by identifying and supporting your purpose, passion, and goals for personal and professional growth. Allow Rhovonda to come alongside you and give you biblical tools, strategies, and tips that will motivate, equip, and empower you to break free from your past, live a victorious life, walk in freedom and in your purpose. Get started!


Release the Weight of Your P.A.S.T.

I love empowering women to see themselves the way God sees them. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and the steps I used to leave the past behind and begin walking into my future with Jesus Christ. I'll show you how to break free from your past and live a victorious life. Register for the course.