Honor, Salute, and Celebrate Cancer Survivors and those Diagnosis with Cancer.

Let's Celebrate our Sister Kim!

Kim Miller is a Breast Cancer Survivor. We celebrate your courage!

Let's Salute my Father-in-Law!

My father-in-law, Leo Brown, is a Cancer Survivor. We salute you, Daddy!

Let's Celebrate my Spiritual Mother!

Jeanie Glenn is a pastor, wife, mother of two (twins) young men. And she is a Breast Cancer Survivor. We celebrate you, Pastor Jeanie!

Let's Celebrate our sister Wendolyn!

Wendolyn is a mother of 1 daughter and 2 sons. She just celebrated her 60th birthday, and she is a Cancer Survivor. We celebrate you, my sister in Christ!

We're Celebrating a Wife, Mother, Grandmother!

Debbie Hagins is the wife of Dea. Harold Hagins, mother of 3 sons, and grandmother of 5 grandchildren. She is a Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivor. We celebrate you, Aunt Debbie!

We're Saluting my Dad!

Lee Otis Harrell is a Prostate Cancer Survivor. We salute you, Daddy!

We're Celebrating and Honoring these Conquerors!

God-Mother 20 yrs - Breast Cancer Survivor.

Mom - Ended her Cancer battle in Oct 2005.

2 Former managers - Breast Cancer Survivors. We remember, honor, and celebrate all of you.

We're Honoring the life of Josie Biggurs!

A mother and Breast Cancer Survivor, who is now enjoying eternal victory and rest with our Heavenly Father. We honor your life and courage!

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Honor, Salute, Celebrate

Let us be sensitive to those who are fighting with Cancer, different types of sickness, and life's troubles. Let's cheer for them and those who have overcome Cancer. When the Lord press it upon our hearts to reach out to someone, let's not refuse. That one phone call, email, text, positive post on Facebook (any social media), a genuine hug, smile, or kind word may be just what that person needs to keep pressing forward. 


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