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3 Tips to Stay Committed to Your Goal

I have discovered that when I make a commitment or set a goal, oppositions begin. These attacks sometimes come from within, from families members, my finances, on my job, and even in my mind. When we open our mouths and announce to the world the great things we are going to do, the changes we want to make, and how we are going to change the world, our haters and enemies hear us. Not only that but Satan uses our words and people to plot, scheme and attack us.

I’ve made a commitment to the Lord, to myself, and to my business. To be honest, it has been very hard, extremely hard. Some days I’m crying, some days I’m excited! Some days I’m angry. Some days I’m rejoicing! Most days I’m exhausted. Some days I’m discouraged and frustrated, while other days I’m inspired and hopeful! Whatever type of roller coaster emotions or feelings you can think of, I experience them.

Sometimes I feel burdened down but I keep going. And guess what? The haters keeps going, too! Even though I may feel like quitting at times, or complain, I cannot stop. I won’t! I may hit roadblocks. I might have some setbacks, but I’m committed to accomplishing my goals.

What about you? As an entrepreneur, have you made a commitment to yourself and your business? And are you noticing how that pledge has brought on an onslaught of attacks? Sis, I want to share with you three tips can help you reach your goal. I know these tips will encourage and motivate you to stay committed.

ONE: Pray. Prayer is our weapon in this Christian journey (Eph. 6:18). Be prayerful and keep talking to God. Prayer always works! However, it doesn’t work if we DO NOT use it. Never stop praying!

TWO: Read the Bible. Stay in God’s Word. God’s Word strengthens us when we’re weak. It’s our guide, road map, and it’s ALIVE. Do you understand this? God’s Word is living and breathing and active (Heb. 4:12). His Word is our lamp that refuels and reinvigorates us over and over again so that we can stay committed to our Heavenly Father on this crazy journey called Life! Stay in that Word!

THREE: Get an accountability partner. Find a spiritual mentor, advisor, or a trusted friend. Get someone you trust and someone who knows the Lord. Look for a person who will hold you accountable, be committed to you, and will support your commitment that you made to the Lord. You need someone who will be real with you – not sugarcoat anything – yet will tell you when you’re wrong. Get a partner who will push you, cheer for you, pray for you, check you, and lift you up. When you want to stop or feel like quitting, your accountability partner will motivate you to keep going. Partner with someone.

Sis, we opened our mouths and made a declaration – a commitment – to the Lord. Now, we must remain committed. Keep our war clothes on (Eph 6:10-20). Be alert (1 Pet. 5:8). Keep looking at God, trusting Him at His Word, and stay prayed up (Heb. 12:1-3)!

Let’s walk in freedom being devoted to Christ and to the call He has on our lives!

Your sis,


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