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Launch Party Countdown: 4 Days Away!

Happy Tuesday! I’m counting down the days until my Launch Party. We are 4 days away! I cannot wait to fellowship with you, and share what God is doing in yours and my life. Yes! He’s doing great things (as always). Just a few more days!!

To keep the momentum going until the BIG DAY, here’s an excerpt for you from my devotional book, Walking in Freedom!.

DAY TEN: Created for a Purpose “The mosquitoes are horrible this year. They are swarming everywhere. They linger by your front door, back door, windows, and cars, waiting to attack. It used to be that mosquitoes would come during the summertime when it’s hot, but not anymore. These pesky bugs attack when it’s cold or hot or when it’s rainy or dry. These bloodsucking bugs don’t care how the weather is as long as they can attach themselves to their victims. When my daughter was younger, she’d ask, “Mommy, why did God make mosquitoes?” I wondered the same thing. Lord.

Want to read more? Download your copy of Rhovonda’s new book. Order now.

Excerpt from the book Walking in Freedom! A Thirty-Day Devotional Journey for Women by Rhovonda L. Brown. Copyright 2011 by Rhovonda L. Brown. Published by iUniverse. All rights reserved.


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