Rhovonda's Story

I am familiar with heartaches and disappointments. I have encountered life's ups and downs. Well, haven't we all? And like many of us, I have triumphed over some and failed terribly at others. My journey has been rough, at times, yet I still stand amazed at how POWERFUL and LOVING is my Heavenly Father. God blows my mind at the way He can take a dirty, no good, worthless nobody (which is what I thought about myself) and make her into His magnificent masterpiece. Wow! All glory, power, and honor belong to my God!

Let me give you a little history. My two brothers and I were very young when our mother died. Someone murdered her. I was four, my oldest brother was seven, and the younger was three. My baby brother and I witnessed her horrific death. The loss of our mother caused us to live separated from one another. My oldest brother and I moved in with my dad and stepmother, while our younger brother moved in with our maternal grandmother. Eventually, my paternal grandmother took me in, and there I stayed until I was 19, about of year after her death—a second death I had witnessed.

My childhood had many challenges. I was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused. However, I thank God for the angels He placed in my life. From rejection to neglect, from hardships to heartaches, abuse, drugs, and death, as a little girl, I was exposed to them all. As I got older, my promiscuous and drunkard lifestyle covered up my hidden baggage. Low self-esteem, insecurities, fear, rage, despair, loneliness, pain, an unwillingness to forgive, and a loathsomeness toward myself lived inside of me. I was lost and dying within, but I did not have a clue.
Here's the amazing part, though! By God's grace, Christ found me and freed me. Jesus' blood reached down into that horrible pit I was trapped and drowning in. He rescued me! Christ redeemed me, washed, and transformed me into someone new. I am a new creation! Through His Son and His PERFECT love, my Heavenly Father showed me my worth. He showed me my identity, purpose, and position in Him. My Creator and King adopted me (of all people!) into His glorious family. And now, I stand free! I am a woman of purpose, a mighty woman of God, ignited with a passion to love and serve Him and His people.

Are you holding on to some baggage? Have past hurts and fears been your companions? Need encouragement and confidence to move forward? Let me help you on your journey. Allow me to come alongside you and give you tools, strategies, tips, and resources that are Bible-based to inspire, equip, and empower you to break free from your past. How can I serve you? Join me on this exciting freedom journey where I'll show you how to release the weight of your P.A.S.T., live victoriously in Christ, and courageously walk in freedom!


Messages of Encouragement

I'm blown away at how God can take a flawed person like me, and make her into His magnificent masterpiece and use her as His mouthpiece. All glory, power, and honor belong to my God! Now, I get excited to stand and speak for God. In fact, it's a privilege and honor to share His Word with others. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and inspire God's people to walk in freedom with Jesus Christ.