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Your Search is Over

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.(Psalm 46:1, NIV)

God is always ready to help us in our time of trouble. He's our hiding place, our strong tower, our hope for tomorrow. He's our peace, way maker, and our source. He's our healer, friend, and encourager. He's our joy in the midst of sorrow, during trouble times. When we're in death's valley, our hearts are broken, and sickness is destroying our bodies, God gives us unspeakable joy. He's our protection, our shield and buckler (Psalm 35)! When the world is crashing down around us, God is our strong foundation that can't be shaken. He's all that we need and want.

Since God is all that we need, why do we look for things to satisfy? Why do we look for people to be to us what only God can be? God is faithful, but people are fickle. They'll desert us, and betray us. They'll love us today, and then hate us tomorrow. But God is not like that at all. He never changes. He never walks away. He's constant and He's the same yesterday, today, and forever more! His love and mercy have no end.

So my sister, are you searching today? Are you looking for that special something or someone to satisfy, to fulfill? Try Jesus. He's the well that won't run dry. He is the living waters that overflows. He does satisfy!

It's Wednesday - Hump Day! Here's a biblical principle to get us over the hump.

Stop searching. Stop wandering. Stop looking elsewhere for that void to be filled, when God is all we need. From beginning of time to this very moment, God has and is right there. He's right by our side; He's been there all the time. All that we could ever need or could ever want can be found in our God.Our search is over. Our need has been met. God is ready to save and ready to deliver us from whatever situation we are in. He's ready to give us all that we need and so much more.

Now, let the past go, and walk in our freedom!


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