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Celebrate the Small Things

We’re so close to the end of 2014. I can’t believe it! Where did all the time go? I know, I say this every year around this time, but it’s true. My, how quickly we have arrived to December. The first week of the last month of this year has come and will end in less than 35 hours. Man! Let me ask you something. What have you done or what are you doing to end this year with a bang? What goals did you set at the beginning of this year? Have you accomplished all of them? What about some? Maybe one?

2015 is only 3 ½ weeks away. Now, before we start racing to beat the clock or stressing ourselves out (if we haven’t already) about things we have not done or still need to do, let’s take deep breath. Breathe. Now, if you haven’t completed or accomplished any or all of your goals that you made in January, that’s ok. It’s alright. Let’s not worry about what we didn’t do, but what we did. What did you do to be a better you? What new things did you start in order to make your life more satisfying, more enjoyable? What measures (positive ones) did you take to mature in your Christian life?

Maybe you didn’t achieve every goal that you listed; however, you did some. Perhaps you accomplished all your goals; yet you still feel incomplete or believe there’s still more to do. For today, how about we celebrate the small things? As women, oftentimes, we stress over the small things, things that are irrelevant. Instead, let’s be glad about the things we tend to look over or forget.

What small thing can you rejoice about? Is there something or someone you can applaud that may have seemed insignificant to you in the past?

We know that God has not promised us tomorrow. The next hour is not guaranteed. All we have, my sister, is right now. At this moment, let us celebrate and find enjoyment in the small things. Make every second count by praising God, giving Him thanks, and letting Him know how much we appreciate all He has done. Even in the small things, there’s still a reason to rejoice. Should you still have a need to accomplish a goal, try achieving this simple one, give that pesky boss, eccentric co-worker, disorderly neighbor or that have altogether church member a nice "thank you" card.

It’s Friday! Let’s end this present time by committing our lives to Christ and rejoicing in Him. Without delay, let’s walk in freedom together holding our Savior’s hand.

Yes, they shall sing of the ways of the Lord and joyfully celebrate His mighty acts, for great is the glory of the Lord. (Ps. 138:5, AMP)


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