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It's Monday....Already!

It’s Monday, already! Tell me, why does the weekend go by so fast? I love my weekends and I look forward to them. The weekends are made for resting, recuperating, enjoying family, and taking a break from all the hustle and bustle that the work week brings. I believe God blesses us with weekends to relax, slow down, sit back, and enjoy what He has given us.

Most of us go through our weekend the same way we do our work week. We hustle and bustle, and rush through our weekend. We add more things to our “To Do List” and before we know it, it’s Monday again. I know there are some of us who have to work during the weekend and we aren’t able to really do much relaxing and unwinding, but when the work hours are done, we can make some time to relax, slow down, and enjoy life.

Well, now that Monday is here, here are some principles we can meditate on throughout the day.

M- No moping on today! Don’t grumble, pout, complain, or sulk. Rejoice instead (Phil. 4:4).

O- Be open on today! Be open to forgive, open to listen, and open to learn (Eph. 4:31-32).

N- Every need will be met! Today, God will supply all our needs (Phil. 4:19).

D- Be determined! Be determined to have a grateful heart, being thankful for everything (Psalm 136).

A- Ask for help today! Don’t try to do everything on our own (Psalms 121:2).

Y- Yes, we can! Yes, we can do all things through Christ who gives us strengthen (Phil. 4:13). Yes, we can handle whatever comes our way because of God. Yes, there’s greatness inside of us because greater is He that’s within us, than he that’s in the world (1 John 1:4). Yes, we are more than a conqueror (Rom. 8:37).

Not only can we meditate on these six principles on Mondays, but we can apply them to our everyday lives. It will give us a different perspective.

Sisters, it’s Monday….already! Let’s rejoice and be glad in it, making it a great Monday!

“This is the day the Lord has made;We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

(Ps. 118:24, NKJV)


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