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One of those mornings...

Today started off as one of those mornings. You know about those kinds of mornings, right? It’s one of those mornings where nothing seems to be going right. The alarm clock doesn’t goes off because you accidentally set the wrong time, which means everything will be pushed behind. So, let the rushing begin! You are rushing to get the kids ready for school. You are rushing to get dressed. You’re rushing to make breakfast. In the midst of the rushing, you’re screaming at the kids because this is one of those mornings where they’re moving the slowest, or so it seems.

Today started off as one of those mornings for me, but this morning I decided to do something different. Usually when I have one of those mornings, I stress myself out by trying to do it all. Then, I start the “blame game”, which consists of me blaming myself for not doing something right. This leads to more stress and, at times, can last throughout the day. Not good at all.

Instead of doing what I normally do during one of those mornings, I caught myself and did just the opposite. I recognized the path I was going with the blaming, rushing, stressing, and made myself stop! I dropped to my knees and I prayed. As an alternative to focusing all of my energy on what I should have done (shoulda, woulda, coulda), I begin to thanked God for the now. I thanked God for the present. I didn’t focus on all of the reasons why I was late; I acknowledged God for waking me up. Because I changed my focus, I was able to change my outlook on the entire day.

Are you having one of those mornings?

Is your Monday chaotic and challenging?

My sister, when challenges come, make a decision to do something different. Instead of stressing out, getting frustrated, and playing the “blame game”, let's change our focus to God and be thankful in every situation.

Let’s walk in freedom together!


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