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Whoa! What an incredible weekend we experienced! The Walking in Freedom! Women's Retreat was everything I envisioned, prayed for, hoped for, and so much more! After all the planning, meetings, and late nights, God went above and beyond our expectations. He exceeded them all....As usual!

Now, I'll be honest. We went through many obstacles before we departed which triggered a lot of emotions for me. I was frustrated, stressed, irritated, and anxious all at the same time. Having all sorts of "stinking thinking." However, after we departed and throughout the entire weekend, God reassured me and the participants that the weekend would be a memorable one. He would meet each person's need and He did just that. My Heavenly Father made His presence known. Holy Spirit hovered over us, divinely leading us into each activity. I'm so satisfied, grateful, and well pleased.

Of course Satan made several attempts to disrupt, divide, distract, and hinder the Creator's plans. Nevertheless, Jehovah God was (and is) our banner of protection and peace. He shielded us, unified us, and drew us closer to Christ with genuine sisterly love. Consequently, the enemy's fiery darts were futile. Praise God!

Oh, dear one, thank you for saying yes! Thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for choosing to embrace true freedom in Jesus Christ. You are a Freedom Walker and you are free indeed! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Thank you for allowing me and my team to pour into you, build you up, encourage you, and redirect your attention to what really matters.

What matters is this: Jesus Christ gave His life so that you and I would have eternal life. And because His sacrifice was so extravagant, we are blessed with the wonderful privilege of living life more abundantly and free in a world that's decaying daily (John 10:10-11). Amen.

To the workshop presenters: Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to steal away for an entire weekend with us. Your sacrifice and presence were noticed, needed, and cherished. Thank you for offering encouragement, godly wisdom, and comfort to each participant. May our Lord restore to you all that you poured out and may He richly bless you.

To the retreat committee: Thank you for your service of humility, gentleness, discernment, delight and love for God and His people. All of your assistance, hard work, and dedication made this past weekend incredible! Where there was a need, you did your very best to fulfill. Whether it was a hug, kind words, and/or a smile, everything you did mattered and meant so much to me. Words, money, gifts cannot repay what you did. But I want you to know that I emphatically appreciate you and love you!

I pray our continues to open doors of favor and blessing upon you and yours.

Your sis,


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