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Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC is a faith-based multi-service business that inspires our clients to reach their full potential, ignite their passion for Christ, and be empowered to walk in freedom living in their purpose. Our services include professional and personal development, marketing, web design, workshops, and digital courses (coming soon!).

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Encourage. Equip. Empower.

Hi! I'm Rhovonda.

With ten years of experience in nonprofit management and nearly 23 years of administration, I am an educator with a mission to encourage, equip, empower, educate and support others. My expertise, experience, and passion for helping women have allowed me to create a business that encourages, equips, and empowers women, authors, and entrepreneurs. Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC is a faith-based multi-service business that inspires our clients to reach their full potential, ignite their passion for Christ, and be empowered to walk in freedom living in their purpose. 

I am excited and grateful that Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC gets to be a resource and support for women, authors, and entrepreneurs. Learn how we can support you?




“We praise the Lord for giving you and us great opportunities to preach the Gospel freely and for opening the hearts of His people. We are pleased and honored to let you know that your nurturing and nourishing website was a seed planted in our hearts, and it will grow and bring forth much fruit when you will allow us to be part of the wonderful work you are doing so that together we can fulfill the will of God, lifting up the veil from the eyes of His people, for them to see Christ in their lives, that together we might bring Him glory and honor and faithfully build His Kingdom. We dedicate you and your ministry into the hands of God and request for your prayers and fellowship with our ministry. If God provides the opportunity we beseech you to visit us here in Kenya and share with us.”

Pastor Alfred Juma Mangwa

Kitale, Kenya

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Tenette Patterson

"I have a Home Child Care and this book “Adventures of Karter: I Need A Hug” was a perfect addition to our library books and one of my children’s favorites!"


"I am so guilty of not taking time throughout my day to give thanks to God. That's what attracted me to pick up a copy of At Least Say, "Thank You!": An 8-Day Devotional Plan for a Grateful Heart by author RhovondaL. Brown. Each chapter provides a reason to be thankful, a challenge for that day, and a prayer. A compact book, it's an easy read with just the right amount to reflect on daily for eight days."

Lori A. Moore

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"Walking in Freedom! A Thirty Day Devotional Journey for Women by Rhovonda L. Brown is an inspirational daily study guide. Expertly written, this beautiful journal will inspire women to step out in faith and begin to seek God for a more intimate and meaningful relationship with Him, through his son Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Author Rhovonda L. Brown will teach women to draw closer to God and how to experience a deeper intimate spiritual walk through daily scripture reading, life lessons, and meditations.."

Lucinda Weeks


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