Known for her messages of encouragement, Rhovonda Brown's books, devotionals, and words of comfort and empowerment have been encouraging people all over the world. She is a pastor, #1 bestselling author, educator, mentor, CEO and founder of The Pillar of Hope, Inc., and business owner of Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise.



I'm blown away at how God can take a flawed person like me and make her into His magnificent masterpiece and mouthpiece. All glory, power, and honor belong to my God!

Now I get excited to stand and speak for God. In fact, it's a privilege and honor to share His word with others. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and inspire God's people to walk in freedom with Jesus Christ. 

Come walk with me on a freedom journey that will ignite and intensify your passion for Christ and deepen your relationship with Him.




"This is an amazing book for parents and teachers of young children! This book really personalizes love and connects to children's social-emotional development. As a counselor I this book reinforces a positive way to develop a secure attachment style with your children."

Nicole McFadden

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Lori A. Moore for Readers' Favorite

"I am so guilty of not taking time throughout my day to give thanks to
God. That's what attracted me to pick up a copy of At Least Say, "Thank
You!": An 8-Day Devotional Plan for a Grateful Heart by author Rhovonda
L. Brown. In just eight days, Brown guides us through rejoicing, praying,
and giving thanks; thanking Him; determining what really matters; having
a Thankful Thursday; not being rude by not telling Him thanks; the 23rd
Psalm; abundant thanks; and thanks through praise. Each chapter
provides a reason to be thankful, a challenge for that day, and a prayer.
A compact book, it's an easy read with just the right amount to reflect on
daily for eight days."

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"Walking in Freedom! A Thirty Day Devotional Journey for Women by Rhovonda L. Brown is an inspirational daily study guide. Expertly written, this beautiful journal will inspire women to step out in faith and begin to seek God for a more intimate and meaningful relationship with Him, through his son Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Author Rhovonda L. Brown will teach women to draw closer to God and how to experience a deeper intimate spiritual walk through daily scripture reading, life lessons, and meditations.."

Lucinda Weeks for Readers' Favorite


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