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About Us

Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC is a faith-based multi-service business. Our mission is to encourage, equip, and empower women, writers, authors, and entrepreneurs. We inspire our clients to reach their full potential, ignite their passion for Christ, and empower them to walk in freedom living in their purpose. Moreover, we help our clients create and expand their online presence, increase visibility, and attract potential customers.

Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC provides consultation, mentoring, coaching, marketing, web design, personal and professional development, workshops, resources, and training.

With our multi-service, we are enthusiastic about supporting individuals and businesses who are ready to share their unique gifts with the world.

Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC directly impacts the success of our clients by identifying and supporting their purposes, passions, and goals.

We are ready to support and empower you. Let’s get started today!


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Let's Walk in Freedom!

Rhovonda is a preacher, teacher, inspirational speaker, and award-winning author who engages her audience with transparency, relatability, and storytelling. She is passionate about inspiring women (and children) to see themselves the way God sees them. Rhovonda is humbly grateful for opportunities to stand and speak on God's behalf.  Here are some of the topics Rhovonda speaks on to empower God's people to walk in freedom:

  • Accepting the Call

  • Back to What Matters

  • Filled with the Spirit

  • Giving Your All

  • God’s Timing

  • How to Manage Stress

  • Face Your Giant

  • Limitations

  • Return to Your First Love

  • Prayer

  • Promises of God

  • Transition Meets Opposition

  • Walking in Freedom!

  • Wanna Be Happy? (Keys to Happiness)

  • Winning Attitude

Looking for a specific topic? No worries. Rhovonda can create a topic that will go perfectly with your event's theme. Contact her today. 

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Founder and CEO

Rhovonda L. Brown

I am a multi-passionate creative who loves working with other creative individuals. I am a wife, mother of two adult children, and three grandsons. I journal, blog, create content, am a pastor, inspirational speaker, and encourager.  I am a self-taught web designer and self-published author. From journaling, I began writing devotionals in 2010 and wanted to create a platform to encourage and reach more people with the message of Jesus Christ's love. I struggled to find the right website to meet my needs and fit my budget. I educated myself through trial and error, spending long hours (lots of them!), staying up late trying to figure it out. I acquired the knowledge and took courses during Grad school to help develop the skills I needed to design, set up, and maintain a professional website.  

My experiences and education have opened up opportunities for me to help other entrepreneurs, educators, ministries, nonprofit organizations, and individuals design and organize a website for their businesses. I have helped aspiring authors gain courage and tips to get started with writing a book, and published authors promote their books and businesses. I'm incredibly grateful! I enjoy helping other people, especially women, reach their full potential and live life to the fullest! Moreover, I have had the privilege of encouraging and empowering women (and men) to ignite their passion for God and walk in freedom with Jesus Christ.

With 10 years of experience in nonprofit management, nearly 24 years of administration, and spending many years ministering to the youth, my mission is to encourage, equip, empower, educate and support you as you share your gifts with the world. I work hard, so you don't have to. I am a proud Indie Author of four bestselling books, two are Amazon's #1 bestsellers.  I am the founder and CEO of Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC, president of a nonprofit organization, The Pillar of Hope Inc. I have a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I am the founder and executive director of Martha & Mary Ministries, Walking in Freedom! (M3), and co-pastor of an incredible ministry, The Sanctuary Christian Fellowship Church, where I serve alongside my husband, Pastor Jeffrey Brown, to minister and encourage the people of God. 

My expertise, experience, and passion for helping women and children have allowed me to launch Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC. Our goal is to directly impact your success by identifying and supporting your purpose, passion, and goals for personal (spiritual), and professional growth.

How may we encourage and support you?




“We praise the Lord for giving you and us great opportunities to preach the Gospel freely and for opening the hearts of His people. We are pleased and honored to let you know that your nurturing and nourishing website was a seed planted in our hearts, and it will grow and bring forth much fruit when you will allow us to be part of the wonderful work you are doing so that together we can fulfill the will of God, lifting up the veil from the eyes of His people, for them to see Christ in their lives, that together we might bring Him glory and honor and faithfully build His Kingdom. We dedicate you and your ministry into the hands of God and request for your prayers and fellowship with our ministry. If God provides the opportunity we beseech you to visit us here in Kenya and share with us.”

Pastor Alfred Juma Mangwa

Kitale, Kenya