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Live Free, Full, & On Purpose

Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise 8-Week Coaching Program

Is the weight of your past hindering you from moving forward? Need encouragement, confidence, and clarity to move forward? Ready to live FREE, FULL, and ON PURPOSE?

Live FREE, FULL, and ON-PURPOSE Coaching Program is an 8-week one-on-one coaching program. Clients meet with Rhovonda once a week for 1-Hour.  Sessions are scheduled.

During the eight weeks, you will learn:

- How to break free from past trauma

- How to remove limitations of past trauma

- How to move forward in forgiveness and love

- How to embrace or identify your purpose and passion

- How to serve God and others through your purpose

- How to implement our Christ-centered personal development plan

- How to use the Bible as your foundation and resource for living victoriously

- And more!

​Rhovonda and Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise's mission is to encourage, equip, and empower you with the confidence to live an exciting life FREE, FULL, and on PURPOSE!  We guide and support you as you make positive changes and grow spiritually, personally, and professionally.

Rhovonda will be your coach, spiritual advisor, and accountability partner that motivates, equips, and empowers you to live a free indeed.

​Learn, grow and be the woman God created you to be. Let us help you walk in freedom and live victoriously.

Take the first two steps to get started. 

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