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Your Unique Story 

Dreamed of writing a book? Ready to start working towards your dream of being an author?

You have a unique story that needs to be shared with the world. Maybe you have your manuscript ready, but you keep hesitating. Perhaps it's fear of the unknown. Maybe it is the money or just another excuse that keeps you from seeing your dreams realized. Stop procrastinating, and let's get started! The world needs to hear your story.

I have successfully written and self-published all my books. Two of them are nonfiction. My books were awarded Amazon Bestsellers in multiple categories, from Amazon Top 100 Bestseller List to Amazon Top 100 Best Women’s Inspirational Spirituality to the Amazon Hottest New Releases. My latest children's book was nominated bestseller in 8 categories. I am proud to be an Indie Author!

I know how to write, design, format, publish, and market books. I know the exhilarating feeling of opening a box that contains books that I have written and published. To see my words inside a book that I created and designed! There are no words to describe that feeling, and it never gets old. Each time I write a book and hold it in my hand, the feeling is indescribable.

It’s a feeling that I want you to experience and not just dream about it. As an award-winning author, with the experience of writing, publishing, and marketing my books, along with your dream and passion for sharing your story, we’ll make a great team! Now, please understand. Becoming an author is hard work! However, after you cross the finish line and complete your book, you will experience euphoria and pride knowing that you accomplished such a tremendous task.

I am ready to get you to author status. Yes, it can be done. You will get it done. You and I together will get it done. With my support, guidance, step-by-step plan of action, and hard work from both of us, you will become a published author. No more excuses. It's time to roll up your sleeves, make a commitment, and get started. Write your book. I'll show you how.

Are you ready to share your story with the world? Are you ready to give birth to your book? I am prepared to support you on your writing journey. To kick off National Journal Writing Month, my program, Journaling to Become an Author Bootcamp (JBAB), opens Friday, January 7, 2022, at 7 am. As a boot camper, you will commit 30-days of journaling to create manuscripts for your book. Within 90 days, you will be self-published authors with your book available on Amazon for purchase before the beginning of the summer of 2022.

Journaling to Become an Author Bootcamp is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to use journaling to write a book — but how to turn your journal into a manuscript that you can self-published.

When I received my 1st Book!

I want you to experience that exhilarating feeling of opening a box that contains books that you have written. Wow! Just to see your words inside a book that you wrote and published is surreal! There are no words to describe that feeling, and it never gets old.


· You have a STORY to share with the world that you believe will make an impact on others.
· You have never written a book but love to journal and have a DESIRE to be an author.
· You don’t want to go the traditional route to publish a book, but you want to be an INDEPENDENT author. 
· You want to be in CONTROL of every aspect of your book.
· You want to self-publish a book and leave a LEGACY for your family.
· You want to create another stream of INCOME.
· You dreamed of one day writing a book and want that dream to become a REALITY.
· You are ready to share YOUR TRUTH with the world.
· You are ready to COMMIT 90 days to become an Indie Author.
· You are SERIOUS about becoming an author and ready to take the necessary steps to publish your book.
· You want to be a SELF-PUBLISHED author.
· Your manuscript is ready, and you need help with taking the NEXT STEP to get your book published.
· You are tired of being afraid, making excuses for why you haven’t written your book. You are ready to take a LEAP OF FAITH.
· You are ready to start living out your dream of being a self-published AUTHOR.

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