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Babygirl’s Birthday!

At 11:56 a.m., 23 years ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful sweetest baby girl. My labor wasn’t long because She didn’t want to waste any time entering the world. I loved the name “Kourtney” and it matched her perfectly! On that day I made a promise to protect her, encourage her, cheer for her, keep her secrets, and always let her know that she can do anything and all things through Christ. All things are possible with God; all she has to do is just trust Him and believe.

My babygirl (she’ll always be our babygirl) is fearless! She doesn’t bite her tongue 👅 and she speaks her mind. She’s resilient! When life knocks her down, Kourtney finds strength to courageously get back up. These are a few things we love about her.

Kourtney, despite the battles you face and the mountains you have to cross, you continue to respond with confidence and strength and tenacity. At times I’m in awe of your never-quit spirit. We are extremely proud of you. You have a mighty testimony for single mothers on how to respond when life happens. We love you so much and we are grateful and blessed to have you as our daughter and the mother of our grandchildren.

Have fun today celebrating you and all of your victories! 😘😘🥰🥰❤️❤️

Help me wish our babygirl a Happy 23rd Birthday!

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