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“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.” (Ps. 19:14, NKJV)

Words are powerful! Words can mean one thing to one person and those same words can mean something totally different to another. If used maliciously, words can hurt and destroy lives. Words can hold a person captive, rip a life a part, cause division and conflict. Words can create doubt, worry, fear and low self-esteem. Words can cause guilt and shame. Words can send a person into depression and cause confusion. Words can start a revolution, wars between nations, make a person commit a crime, acts of evil and even murder.

“All the words of my mouth are righteous (upright and in right standing with God); there is nothing contrary to truth or crooked in them.”  

(Prov. 8:8, AMP)

Words can create a winning attitude, give confidence, and raise up leaders. Words can make a person believe that they’re unstoppable, larger than life, and potent! Words can do the unthinkable, start a movement, an empire, and leave a legacy. Words can kindle a fire and start a chain reaction. Words can cause extraordinary moments or lasting damages. Words can begin a romance, make a person fall deeply in love and quickly, out of love. Words are influential!

“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, making people happy and healthy.” (Prov. 16:25, NCV)

Spoken or written words are powerful. The words we speak and write can cause emotional and physical pain. At the same time, those same words can cause pleasure and delight. Written words can give life and freedom, as well as oppression and death. Spoken words can uplift, inspire, and strengthen a person. They can give hope, courage and victory.

With powerful Words, God spoke the world into existence (Genesis). His mighty Word created the heavens and the earth. At His command light and darkness appeared (Gen. 1:3). He used His awesome Words to decree death over a rebellious nation in the wilderness (Num. 14:1-38). His Words proclaim blessings and promises as rewards for obedience. And for disobedience, He pronounce curses (Deuteronomy 28). God’s Word is so magnificent!

God has given us the Holy Bible to live the Christian life. He’s given us His glorious Word to prosper and be equipped to live an abundant life. Not only did God give us the scripture to live by, but He has given us His Holy Son – the Living Word – for salvation. Jesus Christ gives eternal life to all who believes (John 3). WOW!!

My sister, we use words every day, whether they’re spoken, written, read or heard. Words are absolutely phenomenon and they have lasting effect. Words take on many different meanings. We must wisely decide how we’re going to use our words and how we’re going to allow the words of others affect us.

Therefore, how will you use words today? How will your words be effective?

“And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.” (Col 3:17, NLT)


*Originally posted 9/26/13.

Rhovonda L. Brown is speaker and author of two bestsellers, Walking in Freedom!: A Thirty-Day Devotional Journey for Women and At Least Say, “Thank You!”: An 8-Day Devotional Plan for a Grateful Heart. 

Copyright ©2010-2016. Rhovonda L. Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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