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Adventures of Karter: I'm A Big Brother Now! is available in three formats, eBook and paperback, and hardcover.


A unique package arrives, and Karter is excited. Ready to be a big helper, Karter soon discovers that this bundle of joy requires lots of patience and attention. Karter must be cautious with the precious gift his mother brought home. Is Karter up for the challenge?


Follow the adorable, resourceful, and lovable kid on an adventurous journey. Discover an exciting world with Karter as he learns about being a big brother and the responsibility it involves.


I'm A Big Brother Now! is the second installment of the Adventures of Karter Series inspired by Rhovonda's adorable and charming grandson, Karter. Along with the photographs taken by Karter's mother, Kourtney Brown, the crayon strokes and abstract-colored images captivate the main character's personality.


Adventures of Karter: I'm a Big Brother Now! encourages both the young and the young at heart to cherish every precious moment spent with loved ones and remember the importance of family.

Adventures of Karter: I'm A Big Brother Now! Hardcover (Autographed)

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