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Supporting Women Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Aspiring Authors

Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC provides consultation, mentoring, coaching, marketing, web design, professional, spiritual, and personal development, author support, workshops, and digital courses (coming soon!). With our multi-service, we are enthusiastic about supporting individuals who have a passion to share their unique gifts with the world.

Rhovonda L. Brown Enterprise LLC directly impacts the success of our clients by identifying and supporting their purpose, passion, and goals for personal, spiritual, and professional growth. We are ready to support and empower you. Let’s get started today!


How can I encourage, equip and empower you and your business?

Web Consultation & Web Design

Do you need a website or have questions about your existing website? Could your website use a makeover?

A website is an integral point of your business. It turns potential visitors into customers. It's another way for you to market and advertise your products and services and reach a larger audience. Do you need a website? If you have an existing website, is it expanding your online presence? Could your website use a makeover? Maybe you have questions or are ready to launch a professional website for your business. Whatever support you may need, we are here to help.

Marketing & Promotions

Ready to market your product, or service?

Do you sell a product or offer a service that empowers people? Do you need help attracting new customers? Do you want to move your business to the next level? RLB Social Media Promotions offers marketing campaigns to promote your product or service. Expand your visibility, attract customers, and increase revenue. We will personalize a marketing campaign to promote your product or service on our social media platforms, websites, and in our newsletters. Let us help you expand your online presence, attract potential customers, and grow your business.

Author Coach: It's Time! Write Your Book!

Dreamed of writing a book? Ready to start working towards your dream of becoming an author?

You have a unique story that needs to be shared with the world. Maybe you have your manuscript ready but you keep hesitating. Perhaps it's fear of the unknown or just another excuse that is holding you back from seeing your dreams realized. 

Stop procrastinating and get started! The world needs to hear your story. I have written three books and self-published two of them. All of my books are Amazon Bestsellers in multiple categories, from Amazon's Top 100 Bestseller List to the Amazon Hottest New Releases. My latest, a children's book was awarded bestseller in eight categories multiple times.

I am proud to be an Indie Author, helping other write and publish their books! With my support, guidance, a plan of action, hard work, and commitment from both of us, you will become an author. No more excuses. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get started. Write your book. I'll show you how.


Are you ready to embrace your freedom in Jesus Christ? Are you ready to ignite a passion for Him? How can we encourage, equip, and empower you on your spiritual journey?

Ready to live FREE, FULL, and ON PURPOSE?

Professional or Personal Development Coaching ($150 per hour)

Rhovonda knows what it's like to carry hidden baggage, have low self-esteem, insecurities issues, be afraid, and an unwillingness to forgive. After struggling with living/doing the same thing over and over again, yet, yielding the same results, she created a formula that has helped her find true freedom in Christ and live life to the fullest. And she wants to help you walk in FREEdom, reach your FULL potential, and walk boldly in your PURPOSE.

Rhovonda's mission is to encourage, equip, and empower women with the confidence to live an exciting life FREE, on FULL, and on PURPOSE!  Rhovonda wants to directly impact your success by identifying and supporting your purpose, passion, and goals for personal, spiritual, and/or professional growth. Rhovonda wants to support you. Send a message or schedule a FREE 15-minute discovery call. *One-on-One and Group Coaching sessions are available.

Is the weight of your past hindering you from moving forward? Harboring some resentment?

Release the Weight of My P.A.S.T. 6-Week Coaching Sessions ($600)

Are you holding on to your past? Is the weight of your past hindering you from moving forward? Need encouragement, confidence, and motivation to move forward? Is the weight of your P.A.S.T. hindering you from moving forward? Allow Rhovonda to come alongside you and give you biblical tools, strategies, tips, and resources that will inspire, equip, and empower you to break free from your past. Join Rhovonda on this exciting freedom journey where she will show you how to release the weight of your P.A.S.T., live victoriously in Christ, and courageously walk in freedom!

4 Weeks Coaching Series

Walking in Freedom! Journey with Rhovonda ($450)

Rhovonda uses her book, Walking in Freedom! A Thirty-Day Devotional Journey for Women as a guide to challenge you to commit 30-days to Christ. By the end of the thirty-day journey, you will jump-start a newfound love and
adoration for God in you, bonding your relationship with Him and
your walk with Christ. *This is a virtual and/or In-person 4-week class that includes the book and workbook. One-on-One and Group Coaching sessions are available.

Invite Rhovonda to be a part of your event.

Keynote Speaker • Discussion Panel • Author Appearance

Are you planning an event? Would like Rhovonda to be a keynote speaker, participate and be in a discussion panel, or invite her for an author appearance? Send us a message and we will respond to your request within 3 business days.

Have the Walking in Freedom! Workshop at Your Church or Organization

Walking in Freedom! Workshop

Rhovonda will come to your site to facilitate the Walking in Freedom! Workshop which is designed to bring women together from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds and ages to be inspired, equipped, and empowered in their walk with Christ. The Walking in Freedom! Workshop ministers to the whole women, mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

If you are ready to collaborate with Rhovonda to plan a Walking in Freedom! Workshop at your church or women's ministry, send us a message. We will respond to your request within 3 business days.

Invite Rhovonda to Teach a Bible Study Lesson

Teach a Bible Study Lesson

Invite Rhovonda to come to teach a Bible Study Lesson to your women's ministry or group. Rhovonda speaks on a variety of topics. She can also create a lesson that will go perfectly with your theme.


The Pillar of Hope Inc.

The Pillar of Hope, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to impact one family at a time by providing resources to help you be a healthier you. Click on the button below for FREE resources to help you be a healthier you.


Send me a message!

Send me a message with any questions you may have about our resources. Let me begin helping you move forward with accomplishing your goals, sharing your story, and fulfilling your dreams. I am ready to support you so you can focus on doing what you love.

Thanks for submitting!

Release the Weight of Your P.A.S.T.

I love empowering women to see themselves the way God sees them. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story and the steps I used to leave the past behind and begin walking into my future with Jesus Christ. I'll show you how to break free from your past and live a victorious life. Register for the course.

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