Download these resources to strengthen your Christian walk and help keep you focused on God.

Top 6 Bible Translation 
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Here's a helpful tip. You know what I have found to be most helpful when reading and studying the Bible? Reading the verses in different translations. 99% of the time, this gives me a better understanding and a greater love for Scripture. Give it a try! To help you get more out of your study time, meditation, and an enjoyment for reading the Word of God, I’ve created for you a Bible Study Resource listing my favorite top 6 Bible translation. Download it and keep in your Bible.

MY 5 Go-To
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My sister, LIFE is so unpredictable, and we don't have any idea what's around the corner or what tomorrow brings. Whatever may come, we cannot rely on our own abilities to navigate through. Howbeit, we can trust in an omniscient God who is everywhere and knows all things. Download your Scripture Resource: 5 go-to scriptures when you need to be reminded that god is in control. These five powerful scriptures remind me who’s in charge, GOD, when life and this world tries to make me forget. READ DEVOTIONAL FOR THIS SCRIPTURE RESOURCE.

Bible App
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I often share with the Freedom! Walkers how I enjoy using my Bible app on my mobile. It is a great way to help me stay focus on the Lord. YouVersion is a FREE app (my favorite) that offers so many wonderful reading plans and devotionals to meet my need, no matter what's going on in my life. YouVersion allows me to set reminders, catch up on a reading plan when I fall behind, create images and connects with other Christians who enjoy reading the Bible.


Click on the link above and join me and millions of other Believers seeking strength from the Holy Scriptures. And while you're checking out YouVersion, connect with me up and let's build each other up in the Word of God.

What do you know about prayer?
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What comes to mind when you think about prayer? What does prayer mean to you? Use the Prayer Questionnaire to study the topic of "prayer" and to strengthen your prayer life.


Having a bad day? Get 6 tips to help make your Monday or any day a great one!

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